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Subject: RE: Parties and Partners

Message text written by Peter Kacandes
You're damn straight its a market. 



I've been doing EDI and business with the US government
for 15 years.

Yes - some bits of it resemble a market.

BUT - you have NOT explained to me how you think submitting
Toxic Waste Compliance Reporting is a market.

Notice a market requires goods, prices, buyers, sellers, storefronts,
distributors, manufacturers, etc.

Toxic Waste Reporting is NOT a market.  It is the fulfilment of a
business interaction between two partners in compliance of
an agreement - classic B2B.

OK - Peter - just how many bids on eBay are in fulfilment of
USGovernment contracts? 

Answer - NONE - reason - USGovernment does not do
business like eBay - it has its own tendering and fulfilment
processes that are strictly regulated.

Another example - Bethlehem Steel does 500,000 B2B
transactions a week.  How many of them come from eBay?

Answer - NONE - reason - this stuff is classic B2B - there
is no market.

Thanks, DW.

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