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Subject: Re: Parties and Partners

Could we all please avoid the lengthy Cc lists. I dunno about you,
but I really hate receiving two copies of every email.

Also, could someone please clean up this mail list? I keep getting
bounces from accounts that are no longer active.

On to the point...

I really don't get why there is resistance to 'Markets' among some
members of this list. I'd love to get to the bottom of this, but
I would like to ask for a congenial and logical discussion.

Back in 1997/98, a group of about 30-40 individuals working under 
the auspices of the eCo Framework Project spent quite a bit of
time analysing the elecronic commerce space. We were looking for
a way to describe any ecommerce system in terms that would be
easily understandable, and into which any system could fit.
The result was eCo's 7-layer model.

Now, I am not vain enough to think that we got every detail right.
But I have not encountered anything that, upon inspection, doesn't fit.

The value of the model that eCo describes is that it is easy to explain
and understand -- or at least that is what I thought until David Webber
and Bruce Peat indicated that they do not see the model as being 
applicable to ebXML.

While it might be entertaining for David, Bruce, Peter and I to continue
this debate for the amusement and education of this working group,
I think that it would be much more useful for someone else -- someone
neutral who really wants to understand these perspectives -- to engage
us in a more directed discussion.

Is there anyone who is willing and able to step up to that challenge?



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