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Subject: Re: Parties and Partners

Message text written by Murray Maloney
The value of the model that eCo describes is that it is easy to explain
and understand -- or at least that is what I thought until David Webber
and Bruce Peat indicated that they do not see the model as being 
applicable to ebXML.


This sounds like a great place to start.  The eCo model is indeed 
one that while some days I think I have it down, then the next,
I'm not sure any more.  And like anything of course it is 
being refined and improved to include the latest ideas and
knowledge gained.

What I do know is this is an important piece of work and one
that we definately want to bring over into ebXML and reflect.

So perhaps a salient PPT or Exec Summary can help us
distill this better?

Having said that - I'm not sure that a one-world-view is
necessarily our goal, a 'McDonalds for eBusiness'.  

To me this is the heart of the matter.  I'm very happy with
a Tech Arch that provides building blocks that can 
assemble an eCo model, but it should also be not
necessarily tied to that.    Many people are intimidated
by the idea of netmarkets and directories, and actually
then want the exact opposite of that, or simply have a
completely different business model.   Thus while 
netmarkets are the vogue today, who knows a year
from now?

We should support a pair-wise private model just as 
easily as a distributed marketplace model, and we
should be deriving primatives that transcend any 
one particular model - the Lego bricks.

If we can distill that together, then I believe we have 

I'm not so sure we are that far away on this.   As you
said - if someone can have a stab at some alternate
sets of words - that will help significantly in putting the
right pieces and understanding together.

Thanks, DW.

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