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Subject: Glossary + Terms to be Defined doc

	Here is the current glossary and an attached word doc containing
undefined terms. The glossary is currently in spreadsheet format since it
easier to update this way. I have removed all the currently undefined terms
from the glossary itself and placed them in the Terms To Be Defined doc.
I think the best way to proceed from here is as follows:

Should you wish to comment on specific definitions supplied in the glossary
I have added a column Comments. Don't bother filling this in yourselves just
send them to me ( e-mail: colin.barham@tie.nl )  or the list and I'll update
the spreadsheet. Don't think everyone wants the glossary spreadsheet
constantly posted to the list... 

General comments send back direct to the list. 

If you have terms you wish to have included in the glossary which I have
missed from the specs ( bound to be a fair amount) but do not have a
definition send these to the list and I will place them in the ' Terms to be
Defined doc ' and we can use this as the log for these.

If you have a definition for any of the undefined terms please send them to
me direct first and I can collate them. If there are then multiple
definitions for the same term I will post all to list and we can decide from
there. I will also post submitted definitions to the list for approval.

I have a question myself. Does the glossary require a brief description of
each of the specs/working groups? This has been asked for but I'm not sure
this is applicable to the glossary. Would like some consensus on this. If it
is I think we should ask each group to supply ther own. Any thoughts?

Hope this is going in the right direction


 <<Terms To Be Defined.doc>>  <<ebxml_ta_glossary7.xls>> 

Terms To Be Defined.doc


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