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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Comment on Glossary

The following are my comments regarding the Glossary7.xsl, sent 10 Oct 2000

1.  I recommend that the following terms be omitted from the Glossary.  These terms are not unique to ebXML, nor is ebXML using them in a distinctive way.  They are commonly used terms in information technology. Some of the definitions can be found in dictionaries (e.g., Websters) or in documents such as the American National Standard Dictionary of Information Technology  (
http://www.ncits.org/tc_home/k5htm/ANSDIT.htm) or Wiley’s Encyclopedia of Software Engineering.  (I also assume that there is a similar ISO document for IT Terminology)
-       Boolean, Boolean Expression, Child, Datatype, Email Address, Parameter, Parent, Semantics.

2.  The definition of Implementation is confusing. Unless there is a reason for this definition (is this what EDI specs use?), I recommend either removing this term, since the definition offered (if I understand it correctly) is not unique to ebXML or replacing the term with:
-       An implementation is the realization of a specification it can be a software product, system, program.  [Alternatively, you can list items specific to ebXML: e.g., registry]

3.  The definition of Component is confusing, unclear and not precise. What does ‘non-trivial, nearly independent’ really mean  what is ‘nearly independent’ to one person, may not be to another.  Also, the first half of this definition does little to enhance the definition. Recommend the following:
-       Component  a module of software that is a physical realization of a set of interfaces. [note: if you don’t like the word module, how about part or piece?]

4.  For Terms to be Defined: Compliant
I recommend not using this term, rather use terms derived from ‘conformance’, which is already in the Glossary.  So, rather than using the term compliant, use conforming or conformant.  Thus, we don’t need to add another definition.


Lynne S. Rosenthal
NIST, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8970
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8970
(301)975-3353, fax (301)948-6213

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