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Subject: Response to the TA Spec`

Dear all:

First of all, I must warn you that this is a very political letter.

After having worked very hard in order to get the new TA spec finished
and submitted to the QRT by Oct 16 in order to have it cleared by Oct
23(24?), we are very dismayed by the lack of clearance by the QRT.  It
was propmised to us by the 24th (yesterday).

There is no reason why this document should not go to the plenary for
comments.  Holding it back right now will prevent us from having it
ready for final approval by Vancouver. There are also dependencies on
the TA Spec and a tracability has to be established to make sure other
specs conform to the TA which in turn conforms to the requirements

Please post this document on the main website so we can begin collecting
comments from the plenary as well as the comment from the QRT which we
will review in Japan.

We need the full two weeks to collect all the comments before Japan.  

Duane Nickull

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