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Subject: Fwd: Request for addition of RELAX Core


I know the Japanese have thrown their weight behind RELAX,
but having looked at this for many months - I'm convinced that
the way forward is the GUIDE approach - in the eBusiness
context that we are focused on.   Both RELAX and
GUIDE teach us things about W3C Schema.

The trick here is to learn, assimulate, and build the better
mouse trap.   I am working on GUIDE V2.0 in this context
(yeah - I messed up trying to do too much in V1.0 and
 confusing the heck out of everyone - zigzagging as you
 constantly remind me!).

Now I'm focused on ebXML metamodel, W3C Schema 
(the easy bits!) and ebXML Registry information model.
GUIDE V2 is needed to provide the roadmap to all this,
and ebXML now 'owns' GUIDE so that's really cool.
I will try my darndest to incorporate aspects of RELAX
into this new release, particularly to ensure we have 
the multilingual side covered.

I've done some email with Murato, but it will probably
really help to do a f2f in Tokyo.  BTW - I've not asked
if we can schedule some time on GUIDE yet - except
for BP/CC team - I did ask if they could find time to
discuss during their sessions.

We may also want to submit a GUIDE/RELAX 
extension for eBusiness to ISO as part of the RELAX
submission, but I have no idea how that gets done

It for sure is going to be a busy week.

Thanks, DW.

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