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Subject: Comments on TA Specification Version 0.9

Comments on TA Specification Version 0.9

Kyu-Chul Lee, Chungnam National University
Hyeon-Sung Cho, Electronic and Telecommunication Research Institute

TA Working Group
ebXML Korea Committee
KIEC (Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce)

# Comment 1
- Line Range: Figure 1
- Comment:
           Figure 1 does not show the distributed nature of ebXML registries
& repositories.
- Suggestion for change:
           One of key features in the ebXML architecture is the set of
           registries and repositories.  We suggest that it is needed to
modify Figure 1
           so that it can reflect the distributed nature of R&R.
           We can draw another picture representing the distributed
           if the modification of Figure 1 results in very complicate

#  Comment 2
- Line Range: Figure7
- Comment:
           The TPP Registry and the ebXML Registry can be considered
           as separated registries in Figure 7.
- Suggestion for change:
           The ebXML Registry provides the access services of ebXML
           BP, etc. as well as TPP.  We suggest that the ebXML Registry
should be
           represented with one symbol.

# Comment 3
-  Line Range: Overall document
-  Comment:
            Many terms used in this specification are still confusing.
            For example, we guess that the term ¡®scenario¡¯ is used in
Figure 1 instead
            of the term ¡®Business Process¡¯. Are we correct?  Otherwise,
what is the
            difference between those terms?
-  Suggestion for change:
            We suggest that we should use the terms defined in the glossary
            as possible as we can.

Name    : Hyeonsung, Cho
Address : Electronic Commerce Team, Dept. of EC, CSTL,
          Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute.
          Yusong P.O.B 106, Taejeon, 305-600, South Korea
Voice   : +82-42-860-6734
FAX     : +82-42-860-6790
E-mail  : hsc@etri.re.kr
URL     : http://cognac.etri.re.kr/~hscho

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