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Subject: re: Comments on TA Specification Version 0.9

Message text written by INTERNET:hsc@etri.re.kr
># Comment 1
- Line Range: Figure 1
- Comment:
           Figure 1 does not show the distributed nature of ebXML
& repositories.
- Suggestion for change:
           One of key features in the ebXML architecture is the set of
           registries and repositories.  We suggest that it is needed to
modify Figure 1
           so that it can reflect the distributed nature of R&R.
           We can draw another picture representing the distributed
           if the modification of Figure 1 results in very complicate


Thanks for this comment.   Figure #1 is showing just one basic method,
this is done to show a simple illustrative model for people.

You will notice that distributed registry is covered in the Registry

We do make mention too under Figure #1 of extended Registry functions.
However - I agree this is very important - and so we may need to add a
sub-heading on "Extended ebXML Models", and mention not just 
Registry - but multi-hop delivery and other aspects that are enabled.

Hope this helps,


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