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Subject: RE: a new UID discussion

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
>I believe the intent of UID's is to provide a determinate path to
associated with the defined element.  While there may be instances in
a user-defined element has exactly the same metadata (no more, no less),
think more commonly the metadata will include some unique properties or
property values.  

The bottom line on all this is YES - there will be shed loads of UID's,
but this is still good news.  Notice grocery industry has 7,000,000
or there abouts - but my estimate is that about 15,000 to 20,000 UID's will
cover the attributes of those products.

Then the real KEY is the classification structure and CC and BP is totally
driven off this.  The problem with EDI past is you had NO classification
(well nothing as dynamic and intrinsic) - therefore you could never
locate something by context and industry domain.  Now that you can - this
was what RegRep demo'd in Tokyo PoC - this changes the whole complection
of the use of UID - now instead of being anonymous hard to manage entities,
they are collections grouped by logical context and business use - ie the
linkage that ties together Core Components!  Simple really.


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