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Subject: RE: a new UID discussion

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
David, "import" is not the best choice of words here.  I would be more
inclined to say "wrap".  With a mapping to the information model and a
classification scheme, we could interact with the existing BSR with the
common ebXML Registry client.  That is to say, the BSR could be one of
thousands of ebXML compliant registries, if it implements the interfaces
information model.  So every entry in the BSR is a Managed Object of some
form defined by a classification scheme.  

The same holds true with the existing UN/EDIFACT and X12 directories.  

Scott <



Oh!  I was being more aggressive - I WANT to subsume them and bring
their stuff over totally into a ebXML Registry and deprecate their current
BSR.  Remember the Borg - resistance is futile - you will be assimulated.

I guess your approach is a little kinder - give them an ebXML Registry, 
let them load it up and populate it, and then manage and extend their
own world in situ.

Either works!

Thanks, DW.

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