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Subject: RE: MetaModel description

I thought at the last BP/CC joint meeting in Tokyo, on the laast day, there
discussion and there were basic questions during Karsten's presentation that
more fundamental question the BP/CC group had revolved around 
"should this specification metamodel layer even exist in the first place ?"
Looking at some of the notes from the Tokyo meetings in the specification
metamodel *proposal* sent out, a key sentence that stands out goes "Use of
methodology metamodel is optional but recommended". 
Is that true ?
I looked in a latest version of the TA and I didn't see mention of
'optional', rather the opposite message came across to me.

I thought I also clearly heard from Ray Walker to the BP/CC group in Tokyo
that the Exec/Steering committee has as one of it's decisions yet to take on
the vote on if UMM is mandated yes or no. 
We have adopted the new UMM in the BP team as what we use to work with.
Is the proposal suggesting the BP methodology layer of ebXML is optional ?
If so, then how does proposal support the 'b' in ebXML in definite terms
from a business 
operating perspective ? 
Also how does the specification metamodel proposal help towards common
business process
alignment and further support the fundamental business goals of ebXML ?


-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Clark [mailto:jdc-icot@lcc.net]
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 2:10 AM
To: agrangard@nycall.com
Cc: Riemer, Karsten; ebXML-Architecture List; ebXML-BP@llists.ebxml.org
Subject: Re: MetaModel description


When is your next conference call. I would like to be on it as I and others
streneously object to
the inclusion of this material in any architecture document. It does not
reflect the general
consenus of the BP team but rather the viewpoint of a few and has some
grossly mis-stated concepts
regarding the metamodel.

Jim Clark

"agrangard@nycall.com" wrote:

> Attached you will find a contribution from Karsten Riemer describing the
> meta model. I suggest that we discuss it at the next conference call, so
> would be good if Karsten or someone from that team could participate. I
> send you the workplan including the dates for the conference calls as soon
> as I have them confirmed with Melanie.
> Regards
> Anders Grangard
> Edifrance
> Ingenieur - Consultant en Commerce electronique
> Tel: +33 (0)1 42 91 62 24
> http://www.edifrance.org
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                        Name:
>    MetamodelArchitectureChapter.zip    Type: Zip Compressed Data
>                                    Encoding: base64

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