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Subject: ebXML TA minutes for 2000-11-30

Please see below for conference call minutes.

Jeff.Suttor@Sun.com           http://sun.com/xml
Advanced Development Group    http://web.eng/xml

ebXML TA Conference Call Minutes for 2000-11-30

- spec status by Brian E.

	- document now contains red "note" in places that need work

	- intro received from Bob Glushko

	- updated diagrams received from Per

	- lots of editing done

	- liaisons should take relevant sections to other teams for review

- new calendar, Anders

	- already sent to listserv

- liaison reports

	- RegRep, Scott H. can no longer be liaison, Jeff Suttor to fill in

	- TP, Scott H. can take on for next two weeks, still need a
	  permanent person

	- CC, Melanie, put out 6 documents, commented on all 6, no
	  feedback yet

	- TRP, Nickola, it is being suggested that Namespaces be used
	  as a header extension mechanism

	- BP, having face to face, will provide overview of BP Meta
	  Model section to TA on Dec 14

- transformation rules, Anders to discuss at steering committee

- naming conventions, Nickola will email proposal, use camel case, no
  dots, etc., and any concerns can be raised next conference call

- Glossary, got input from Tokyo, process question, vote in
  Vancouver?, document will go to QR

- security, meeting next week

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