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Subject: [Fwd: Report on the Technical Architecture Specification v1.0]


Can you please put the change log up plus the PDF version.

IF we can do this today,  we are in business and on time.


On Wed, 10 Jan 2001 19:41:06 -0800, duane wrote:

>Who has the authority to announce to the plenary that the document is
>ready for its' review cycle?  

I will after either the exec confirms the request or their time to
respond ran out. Before doing so, I need a change log that
identifies what happened to the comments from round 1 of the
review and other changes you made because of the Tokyo f2f review.
In addition, because the QRT comments will not be addressed until
the public review has ended, we will have to make them public as
well so that the reviewers know about other changes. Tim please
send me a copy of your comments that you feel are ready for public

>Can you please send out a general message and point at the TA SPec?  We
>want to get the process launched tomorrow.

Duane the process is running. I will do what needs to be done.
Please send me the pdf version AND the change log since we will
move it to the public directory.


Klaus-Dieter Naujok                          ebXML & TMWG Chair
Netfish Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, Chief Technology Officer

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