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Subject: RE: comment on TA specification


	I found that many of the comments you highlight just map my list of
I would deal in this mail on the comments you made on the Appendix, since it
was originally written by me. I have submitted a new version to Duane after
the TA V1.0 was published to deal with some of the comments, but not
everything you mention. Using your comments, I created a new version of teh
Appendix which is attached here.

Here below are my comments.

Best regards


» Line 1102 and following:  This appendix makes frequent use of the term TPP
» (Trading Partner Profile).  The TA specification does not define the
» difference between a TPP and a CPP and the TP team is not defining such a
» (presumably higher level) document.  Please change TPP to CPP throughout
» this appendix.

	I have done it.

» Line 1142:  As noted above, the CPA does not reference the relevant TPPs
» (i.e. CPPs).  Please delete this line.

	You are right. This was an inheritance of the understanding before the
	f2f of the beginning of october. I actually removed the whole construct
	which was saying :
		The CPA references :
			- the relevant TPPs
			- the legal terms and conditions related to the exchange.
	I removed this construct consistently in the appendix since it appeared
	more than once.

» Line 1143:  Please delete this line.  The CPA does not reference legal
» terms and conditions in any architecturally meaningful way.  It
» may provide a #PCDATA field for recording the ID of an associated legal
contract, but
» that is all.

	You are right. See previous comment.

» Line 1144-1158:  These bullets relate to implementation, not to what the
» TPP (CPP) defines.  Please start a new "subhead" about implementation.

	Actually, the formatting in the final document was lost. The sentence
	starting with "The partners implement..." actually starts a new

» Line 1145 and elsewhere:  Please delete this line and other references to
» Business Service Interface. I can't find a definition of such a construct.
» It probably refers to the B2B middleware.  Perhaps one could say "obtains
» the necssary middleware".

	This reference appears more than once.
	I may agree with you on changing the reference to the BSI with a more
	loose definition. But I found that the term "Business Service Interface"
	appears many times in the TA document. For this reason I think that
	it is not "something new".

	At the moment I did not apply your proposed change in view of your
	comment on this: let me know what you think.

» Line 1174-1175:  This statement appears to say that each trading partner
» fully aware of the state of the entire process.  That is not correct.  At
» this stage of the development of the CPA and its support software, each
» partner is only aware of the state of its interactions with the other
» partner in the CPA.  In this case, TP 1 knows only about the state with
» respect to TP2, TP3 only knows about the state with respect to TP2, and
» only TP2 is aware of the total state of the three parties.

	I think this is what is written here. Probably the sentence

	"The assumption is that the “state” of the entire Business Process is
	managed by each Trading Partner,..."

	is the one that makes the confusion. But later in the same sentence
	it is clearly said that :

	"each Trading Partner is fully responsible of the commercial transaction
	involving it..."

	and the examples say that.

» Line 1201:  As noted above, the CPA does not reference the relevant TPPs
» (i.e. CPPs).  Please delete this line.

	See previous comment.
» Terminology:  After extensive discussions, the TP team is consistently
» using the term "Party" to denote the owner of a CPP and a participant in a
» CPA.  the TA team may wish to update the architecture document to agree.

	I tried to do in this new version. You may want to double check if the
	"replace" did not go too deep

» Regards,
» Marty
» ******************************************************************
» *******************
» Martin W. Sachs
» IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
» P. O. B. 704
» Yorktown Hts, NY 10598
» 914-784-7287;  IBM tie line 863-7287
» Notes address:  Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM
» Internet address:  mwsachs @ us.ibm.com
» ******************************************************************
» *******************

ebXML TA- Appendix A - Scenarios.doc

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