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Subject: Re: VOTE

Here is my PERSONAL vote (i.e. this my opinion, not a Sun opinion),

I vote that you proceed to send this document to QR today,
but log the following issues that must be addressed while editing in

1.  Figure 4 is incorrect. All the arrows that go TO the Internal Business
Application or the ShrinkWrapped Application should go to the BSI. Even if a
software house provide an application that have a baked-in ebXML "connection",
it is still architecturally a BSI and should be shown as such. If you send me
the source, I would be glad to edit the diagram, since I was the author of the
diagram that this diagram has diverged from.

2.  Any reference to automatic negotiation of CPA should be removed. We simply
do not have an architecture for that yet.

3.  Any reference to run-time access to RegRep needs to be removed. That was
one of the reasons TA team originally insisted on describing a 'run-time

4.  The last reference(s) to object oriented design should be removed except
where it might refer directly to UMM.


>I approve the specification for release to the QR team.
>. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
>Brian Eisenberg | Standards & Technology Liaison
>600 108th Avenue NE | Suite 900 | Bellevue WA  98004
>      T 425.467.2641 |  F 425.637.1192 | briane@datachannel.com
>w w w . d a t a c h a n n e l . c o m

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