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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: FW: ebXML Technical Architecture Powerpoint


The message below from Duane Nickull from the ebXML Architecture project
team is self-explanatory. Please provide your comments directly to the
Architecture team as the email address below.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Duane Nickull [mailto:duane@xmlglobal.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 12:19 PM
> To: Regrep@Lists. Oasis-Open. Org; ebXML-Architecture List; Bob Sutor;
> Klaus-Dieter Naujok; Ray Walker
> Cc: scott.nieman@norstanconsulting.com; Rachelf@IX. Netcom. Com;
> Rawlins@Metronet. Com; plevine@telcordia.com; drummond@onramp.net;
> lms@wwnet.com
> Subject: ebXML Technical Architecture Powerpoint
> Hello all:
> I have been working hard since Orlando trying to build all
> the collective,
> excellent ideas I heard into one synergistic view of ebXML
> Architecture.
> The attached Powerpoint is a collaborative work based on
> everyone's input.
> The goals of this powerpoint are:
> 1. to present a visual reference guide for ebXML architecture
> 2. to raise further questions
> 3. To harness input from all members
> 4. to allow further development by all Committees
> 5. provide further refinement to the "strawman" (or
> "strawhorse" as Rik
> Drummond says) ebXML Technical Architecture PPT v 0.8
> I realize that it is far from perfect or final.  This is
> being put in the
> public eye so everyone can have a "kick" at the can.
> Please provide feedback to the technical architecture
> committee list at:
> ebxml-architecture@lists.oasis-open.org
> Team Leaders:  Please redistribute this to your committee
> members as you
> deem fit.  It would be appreciated if all feedback could be
> funneled back
> through one person rather than the same comments being sent
> to our list
> several times (if this is possible).
> PS - can someone please forward this to Dick Raman.
> Cheers:
> Duane Nickull
> "I spilled SPOT remover on my dog and now he's gone"


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