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Subject: Web Redesign Strategy

	Mike, Ed, and I were tasked with developing a strategy for a
redesign of our ebXML website. We have developed a plan for a three phase
transition that will end by Brussels. I have submitted a copy to Rachel to
be passed around. (I don't have an e-copy on this machine). 
	I have posted a page to http://www.ebXML.org/demo which demonstrates
our new look, feel, and organization strategy for the website. The goal was
new design, multi-browser compatibility (lowest common denominator) and ease
of information access. This page demonstrates the new "start" screen. If
everyone likes the look (and transition strategy), I will begin transforming
the web to be completed by no later than 03/07/2000 (ending phase 1). I will
probably add some more trim graphics to liven it it up but the layout won't
change much. 

**Please note, most of the links don't work -this is just a trial run.
Thanks for any input!

Best Regards,

Brent Phillips

ebXML MAE Team

Web Interface Engineer

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