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Subject: Re: draft of press reease

Excellent comments, Bob!


At 10:59 PM 2/27/00 -0800, Bob Glushko wrote:
>I have a few comments on this draft release.  I know I've been too busy
>lately to do anything more than lurk in this group but I hope I still have
>standing to return to a couple of points I made in Orlando when Rachel
>presented some of this to the steering committee.
>The ebXML Initiative(tm) to "Create a Single Global Electronic Market(tm),"
>It is simply inaccurate to say that the goal of ebXML is to create a single
>global electronic market.  That's not why I helped to initiate it and have
>three people working hard in it.  Creating the market is the business model
>of lots of companies like mine, Commerce One, whose web site and branding
>screams "Many Markets, One Source" (TM) and related slogans.
>It is accurate to say that ebXML is creating the FOUNDATIONS for a single
>global electronic market -- specifications that can be used by anyone to
>ensure that their marketplaces interconnect.  The difference may be lost on
>the masses but it won't be lost on the marketing people in companies like
>mine, which will have to find a way to smash ebXML as a competitor rather
>than embrace it as an enabler.   So at the very least I suggest that CREATE
>be changed to ENABLE, although that is still likely to raise the ire of some
>Let's revisit the ebXML charter:  The goal is to provide an open technical
>specification to enable XML to be utilized in a consistent and uniform
>manner for the exchange of electronic business data in
>application-to-application, application-to-person and person-to-application
>environments.   Utilized by others, not by ebXML per se.
>  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"
>/>"This may very well prove to be a major event of the new millennium,
>revolutionizing how business transactions are tracked, effecting worldwide
>impacts, removing paper from the process, and by empowering people to create
>whole new work models," said David RR Webber, North American Chair of the
>XML/edi Group.
>Nice quote. It is also essential to balance a quote by Webber, who has a
>high name recognition in the EDI world, with a high name recognition quote
>from someone who is unambiguously viewed as an XML person.  We don't have
>enough XML architects in ebXML i.e., people who authored (or led) efforts to
>create influential XML specifications.  I think this quote needs to come
>from somewhere other than the OASIS ringleaders of Sun and IBM as well
>because we are having some perception problems that OASIS is anti-Microsoft.
>So I'd suggest a quote from Pat O'Sullivan of Intel (who is well known from
>the SGML specs from the semiconductor industry and who heads the RosettaNet
>architecture project) or David Burdett of Commerce One, who wrote IOTP
>(payment) and who heads the IETF XML Messaging team.  O'Sullivan and Burdett
>are very well respected technically and their companies aren't perceived as

Leslie Lundquist
Vice President, Research Group
408-446-1260 ext 225

CommerceNet: Venturing with Partners Worldwide
to Create Value through Innovation in Electronic Commerce.

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