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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: RE: ebXML Requirements Specifications Press Release

Ah William we meet in another forum...

Re: I responded with
some nit-picky things, but I don't feel that it is that readable of a
document to be introduced to the "world."   Shouldn't we have waited...

As a lurker to ebXML (ie I've largely read the document as an outsider)
amongst around 3 pages of comments (in my own style) the most major are the
following which i believe follows your observation above:

>>>>-My main observation is that after reading most of the sections and then
trying to remember what is concretely going to be delivered /achieved - i
cant! (maybe I'm getting old).  The reason they dont stand out is that they
are written in such a abstract way that i cant tell the ideas on the table,
get a hint at the direction etc.  The sections on repositories and
organisation are the only one which really stand out as being different and
i hope that overtime their example can be followed.  But hey, this is all
>... THIS IS THE FIRST SECTION [ie the repository section] WHICH I WOULD
other sections are too abstract (ie when reading them it all sounds noble
but after 1 day i wont remember what is trying to be achieved'

Other 'worrying' things (IMHO) include
>>>>There is a focus upon single.  Viz
This SINGLE set of ebXML technical specifications will create a SINGLE
Global Electronic Market.  To create this SINGLE global electronic market,
this SINGLE set of ebXML technical specifications -

This is a mistaken aspiration.  EDIFACT tried this and did not succeed.  We
have subsets upon subsets.  We might all have the notion to trade the same
way, react the same way etc but business reality is very different.
Different companies, different industries, different cultures, different
national regulations, different background.  One of the reasons that XML
will be successful is, by definition, it is extensible.  Instead of the
focus on SINGLE focus on CORE.  A Core set of standards, a core set of

-Another observation is that the document appears to be targeted at an
external audience, but when it comes down to it unless you've been involved
in the XML/EDI arena for some time you've no chance.  As a small example, it
talks at one point about the UN layout key - most of those using EDI arnt
even aware of this - why push such things?

In conclusion a noble start but a start all the same.  If the wider 'public'
take a look at this they will be none the wise of what ebXML will actually
do for them


Stuart Campbell
CMASS Operations and UK Sales Manager


UK        Tel: +44 1270 254019   Fax: +44 7971 121013
Belgium   Tel: +322 7179390      Fax: +322 7215400
          GSM:+44 7970 429251
    C M A S S            http://www.cmass.co.uk

Stuart Campbell (E-mail).vcf

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