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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Re: Presentation at the Brussels meeting


The only reference to the food industry I recall -- and an indirect 
reference at that -- was the offer of collaboration from the Global 
Commerce Initiative, which is backed by the grocery industry.  Klaus 
mentioned this offer in the opening plenary, but I do not recall a 

Of course, I may have missed something.  Wouldn't be the first time.  Best 

Alan Kotok
Director, Education and Information Resources
Data Interchange Standards Association
+1 703-518-4174

At 11:47 AM 5/24/00 +0200, Dechamps Alain wrote:

>I am looking for information about a presentation given at the Brussels
>meeting in one of the Project Teams. This presentation concerns a portal
>working with XML (apparently in the food industry). Could somebody help me
>and provide me with some information about it?
>Thank you,
>(the man who runs with the microphones at the plenary meetings)
>Workshop Manager        CEN-ISSS
>Tel :+ 32 2 550 0867    Rue de Stassart 36
>Fax : + 32 2 550 0966   B - 1050  - Brussels
>Secretariat Tel: + 32 2 550 0989        (Belgium)
>E-mail : alain.dechamps@cenorm.be
>WEB site : www.cenorm.be/ebes

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