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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Suggestion for ebXML Knowledge Dissemination


I am a mostly inactive member of the ebXML Awareness committee.  I joined
because I thought the concept was great, wanted to follow the development of
this project, and hopefully learn as much as possible.  As new organizations
jump on the XML  bandwagon, it is especially important that the
superficially initiated (like me) understand where ebXML stands, and is

When I see a report, for instance, that says the new DaimlerChrysler-Ford-GM
B2B marketplace wants to have their DDL adopted as the industry standard, I
shutter.  Is this  ANSI X12 2001FORD all over again?  If I knew for sure
what ebXML is trying to do in areas like this, I think I would feel better.
I really don't get a cozy feeling about it from looking at Requirements
Specification Drafts, mainly because I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable in
the subject areas to fully understand the content, and the Specifications
are too long.

My suggestion is that each group sent an update to Awareness on a regular
basis, and that the Awareness group collect, collate, edit and publish them
over the Awareness listserv.  This update does not need to be extensive,
just a paragraph, or two, to describe the progress that has been made.  It
can refer folks to deeper levels of documentation, but the update itself
should just be a newsletter type piece of literature.

Suggestions, comments, whatever are all welcome.  It would be nice to hear
what other groups might be doing in this area.

Denny Boynton
Interim EDI Manager
M/A-COM, Inc
978 442 4329

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