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Subject: Re: Suggestion for ebXML Knowledge Dissemination

Bob Haugen apologized for there being too many UML diagrams in the
Business Process Tech Spec. He continues: "On the other hand, I
published a couple of all-text versions before the UML version, and
people found them difficult to decipher, too.  I suspect it is the
difference between writing a spec and writing a simple explanation.
Lots of the XML specs have had this problem, too.  I promise to write a
simple explanation after the attempt at a precise spec gets approved."


It may just be me.  My eyes glaze over when I see all these flowcharts
with boxes labeled "Economic Resource Type" pointing via geegaws that
"govern" or whatnot.  I don't have patience for this stuff - it's like
reading tons of C++ and Java code in programming books.  I can actually
read the W3C XML stuff - text and a few diagrams don't intimidate me!

I have glanced over some of your and Bill McCarthy's REA stuff at
http://www.supplychainlinks.com/ and it was eminently readable.  How
much of REA transferred over (or will be adapted) into ebXML's BP?  And
if a lot, then at a minimum the BP Tech spec should have a bibliography
referring to the REA papers so ordinary mortals who hate flowcharts can
figure out what BP is doing.

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