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Subject: RE: Suggestion for ebXML Knowledge Dissemination

William Kammerer wrote:
>Bob Haugen apologized for there being too many UML diagrams in the
>Business Process Tech Spec.

I wouldn't accept the word "apologize" - maybe "empathize with
people who did not like them". Some people, including most of
the BP team members, liked the diagrams better than the text.
Other people, like yourself, did not like the diagrams.  
At any rate, we were mandated to use UML.

>It may just be me.  My eyes glaze over when I see all these flowcharts
>with boxes labeled "Economic Resource Type" pointing via geegaws that
>"govern" or whatnot.  

It's not just you, but maybe it's a "two kinds of people" thing.
Or maybe it's just that more people are getting familiar with UML.

Or maybe the big diagram is too complicated - too much on
one page.  Did you have the same problem with the other

>I have glanced over some of your and Bill McCarthy's REA stuff at
>http://www.supplychainlinks.com/ and it was eminently readable.  

Thank you very much.  That gives me hope that it's just not my
writing style.  I do promise to (help to) produce a simpler overview
once the spec is approved. 

>much of REA transferred over (or will be adapted) into ebXML's BP?  

One of the five "sub-groupings", Resources and Contracts, came mostly
from REA. The others came from a combination of Edifecs/RosettaNet, 
CommerceNet/eCo, SWIFT, OMG's EDOC, HL7, and WFMC 
(Work Flow Management Coalition). (I hope I didn't leave anybody out...)

>if a lot, then at a minimum the BP Tech spec should have a bibliography
>referring to the REA papers so ordinary mortals who hate flowcharts can
>figure out what BP is doing.

I agree on bibliography, and will see that it gets added to the issues list.  
(All the sources should be cited.)
There will also be at least some more text in the next revision; probably 
more yet in the revision after that.  

Thanks for your comments,
Bob Haugen

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