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Subject: RE: Suggestion for ebXML Knowledge Dissemination

William Kammerer wrote:
>the ebXML Business Process Metamodel on Page 4 of the BP
>First Draft is out of this world;  I would call it spaghetti-code.

I agree, it is too complex.  The next revision (due next week) will
not be any better.  I'll raise an issue from your suggestions to
find a way to simplify for the rev after that.

[good ideas snipped but filed for future reference]

>The Use Cases were easier to understand

Good.  At least we're moving in the right direction.
(Those were done much later than the first big diagram.)
>I'll trust BP
>that the collaboration diagrams somehow map onto the metamodel;  I'm not
>going to double-check them.

They had a few listed problems; the next rev should map much closer
to 100%.

>But when we're all done with this, what do we expect out of the Business
>Process model? Is this somehow going to be put into XMI or something
>that ebXML compliant software can read to control the processes? I.e.,
>the process would ensure that the authorization for raw materials,
>fabrication and shipment occur seriatim (taking the Scheduling Use case
>for example).

A lot of the usage remains to be determined.  The only official statements
are those included in the TechSpec Scenarios, in which the BP model
will be incorporated in repositories.  We also expect the core components
and BP model to align with each other, although that will be a two-way

Informally, I could say:
1) The BP model is not all mandatory; that is, it is designed to be used
    in pieces, so that for example simple one-off purchase orders would
    use a little, while contract procurement might use a lot.
2) The model contains optional rules that could ensure proper 
    sequencing of process steps.
3) I don't expect ebXML to produce software.
4) I do expect the BP model to influence software companies.

Am I making any sense?
-Bob Haugen

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