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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Draft Agenda for San Jose Meeting

Title: RFA Custom
There are several action items from the Brussels meeting. I think we can complete work on some, of not all of them, during the San Jose meeting. Thus, I propose that we proceed to work on the following in San Jose:
1. Review and complete the FAQs. William Kammerer posted these to the list the week following the Brussels meeting. Thus I trust everyone has had a chance to review them.
2. Review and complete a "generic" ebXML overview PowerPoint presentation. (I've attached a zipped file of one I've been using.)
3. Review, modify and complete the draft collaboration guidelines that Alan Kotok posted to the list on May 14th.
4. Review and continue working on the proposed ebXML education plan, draft of which was posted to the list by Alan Kotok on July 17th
5. Review, complete and begin excuting the marketing strategy, draft of which was posted to the list by Ed Julson on May 22nd.
6. Other new business?

Rachel Foerster
Rachel Foerster & Associates
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