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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: ebXML ARTICLE

Just wanted to be sure you all saw the following:

July 24, 2000
"XML Standards: A Problem Of Physics"

There's an old physics problem that pits an irresistible force against an
immovable object. What will happen, physicists wonder, when the two meet?

Well, I don't know anything about physics, but I think the IT industry is
preparing to test that old problem. The irresistible force: e-business
technology. The immovable object: international standards.

In two weeks, the ebXML standards group will meet in San Jose. The group,
made up of representatives from the United Nations' CEFACT standards
committees as well as the vendor-dominated OASIS industry consortium, is
working on standards that will make XML data understandable across
industries and international boundaries. The group plans to have XML
messaging and business process specifications ready by the middle of next


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