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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: FW: ebXML

ebXML Awareness Team,
Any authors out there? Sams is interested in publishing a book on ebXML.

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael.Stephens@macmillanUSA.com
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2000 1:05 PM
To: laura.walker@oasis-open.org
Subject: ebXML


It was a pleasure meeting you at the XML DevCon in NYC.  I appreciated your
willingness to take a few moments to speak with me on Monday.  It helped me
get both a clearer picture of what Oasis is all about and to get a better
perspective on how Sams can best serve the XML community.

You mentioned during our conversation that you might be able to direct me
toward a good candidate for a book on the ebXML effort.  I'm very interested
in publishing on ebXML, and I'd like to find an author as close to the
process as possible to best represent the aims and substance of the project.

I'm presently thinking that a book to be published late this year/early next
year that presents the general ebXML framework, goals, etc and prepares
businesses for the impact of ebXML would be a good place to start.  I know
the specification is in early development; the goal of the book would be
more or less to get businesses in the right state of mind to understand
ebXML and the potential it represents.

When the specification is more solid, we would like to publish a work that
details the implementation of ebXML in business transactions.  This would be
a more straightforward technical book aimed at the developers and engineers
who will implement ebXML solutions.

I realize that you're quite busy, so I greatly appreciate any suggestions
you can offer.  I'm, of course, still very interested in identifying ways
that we could partner in a way that would benefit both our objectives. I
think we could aid in promoting Oasis and its objectives through the
distribution our books receive and through the various Internet properties
available to Sams and Perason.

I look forward to your response and wish you continued success with your
work at Oasis.


Michael Stephens
Associate Publisher, Sams
201 W. 103rd St
Indianapolis IN  46290

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