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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Re: FAQ document review minutes

William, et al.

Let me suggest some answers to your questions if I may ...

Why use XML?  XML provides a way of exchanging structured data and processes 
over the Web, and because of its extensible ability, it can handle an 
unlimited vocabularies to address complex and yet undefined business issues.  
Moreover, it can use ubiquitous and inexpensive tools as well as the large 
installed base of connectivity with little extra investment.

How do registries and respositories help reduce costs? As far as I can tell, 
repositories will contain much of the ebXML functionality which will make it 
possible to reduce the functions imposed on end-user software, and helps make 
the shrink-wrapped solutions possible.

What is ebXML's competitive advantage? The main competitive advantage of 
ebXML IMHO, is the ability to exchange messages with businesses outside your 
own industry.  It helps open up all kinds of joint ventures and partnerships 
that would have been impeded by incompatible message formats.

Why should organizations join ebXML?  If you want to get your requirements in 
on the development of this specification, you have to be a player.  

I agree with Rachel ... business-to-consumer is not out of scope.  I believe 
the requirements document includes exchanges with consumers. 

Alan Kotok

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