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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Minutes - face to face meeting Chicago - 13/09/00

The following captures the key decisions and discussions held during the 
Marketing and Awareness Meeting held at Chicago O'Hare on 13th September 2000.
Present:  Michael Weiner, Carol Guyer, Alan Kotok, Ed Julson, Simon Nicholson
Apologies: Rachel Foerster, William Kammerer, Brian Garner

Following on from the resignation of Norbert Mikula as co-lead of the group 
on Monday 11th September, a new co-lead was sought.  Michael Wiener was 
proposed by Ed Julson, seconded by Carol Guyer, and accepted by those present.

White Papers
Carol stated that the overview White Paper is required for the Press Kit by 
2nd October.
Ed committed to delivery in that time.
Michael suggested that the author of the white paper be provided with the 
ebXML Glossary as input to the article.

Press Tour
It was agreed to draft a set of questions and answers for the Press 
Kit.  Carol undertook the action item and provide it to the Media Tour team 
for review.
Michael agreed to establish the total number of subscribers currently on 
the Marketing/Awareness group.

The key messages for the forthcoming Media Tour were completed - Carol to 
circulate to the Media Tour team for edit and completion.

Simon Nicholson
Snr. Market Strategist
XML Technology Centre
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Tel:    +1 (650) 786 4238
Fax:    +1 (650) 786 5723
Email: simonn@eng.sun.com

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