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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: ebXML Whitepaper

Here's the ebXML whitepaper I alluded to in my email earlier this week, titled 
Enabling Electronic Business with ebXML. This paper has been developed as an 
ebXML document and will be the first in a series of whitepapers.

This paper is very similar to the press backgrounder I sent out on Tuesday for 
comments and review. It turns out that there wasn't that much that needed to be 
added to the press backgrounder after all.

Please get comments back to me by the next Thursday, 10/26. There will be a 
parallel review process underway with both the Marketing and Awareness group and 
the quality review group. 

I will incorporate comments and feedback, then send a final draft to the the 
quality review group for final approval of the paper. We want to be able to use 
this whitepaper at Tokyo, so it's very important that final approval be acheived 
by 10/2. 


Ed Julson			Sun Microsystems
XML Marketing			901 San Antonio Rd.
XML Technology Center		MS UMPK16-201
				Palo Alto, CA 94303

650-786-9258 (x89258)


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