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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: ASC X12 endorsement of ebXML


Two excerpts from the current "Disagram" newsletter.

From "October X12 Trimester Meeting News" at


X12 to designate representatives to ebXML
To improve the method of working together with the ebXML initiative, X12 
will appoint specific delegates to act as representatives of ASC X12 at 
ebXML meetings. Although many members have participated in the ebXML 
initiative for a global XML structure, X12 as a group has been without 
specific representation up until this point. Participants at ebXML act as 
representatives of their individual companies. As a result, though there 
have been many X12 members at ebXML working on the standard, there has been 
no delegate that has directly represented X12. X12 will follow the European 
Working Group (EWG) in appointing specific delegates to attend the ebXML 
meetings on ASC X12's behalf.

From "ASC X12 and UN/EDIFACT Agree to Jointly Develop Business XML" at


ASC X12 Committee continued their focus on improving business-to-business 
communications across industries by voting at their October meeting to 
develop accredited cross-industry business standards based on the 
Extensible Markup Language or XML. This respected standards body, 
accredited by American National Standards Institute (ANSI), will prepare 
these new standards based on the emerging Electronic Business XML (ebXML) 
The ebXML initiative is a worldwide effort to develop a common framework 
for using XML for business messages. A critical part of the initiative 
combines a definition of business processes with an identification of 
common or core components used in most business messages. The XML standards 
proposed by X12 will be based on ebXML recommendations.

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