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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Conference Call - 12/18

Our weekly conference call is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 18th December 
at 11am PST.
Call in details are as follows:
800 857 0378

I have not had a chance to pull together an agenda as yet, but I suggest we 
discuss the following:

- output from POC event in SF
- planning for Vancouver
- planning for XML One London
- update on POC video
- update on white paper
- update on standard ebXML presentation
- other upcoming events

Please let me know of any other items for an agenda.

PS - please note that this will be our last call of the year.  The next 
call will be on Tuesday 2nd Jan 2001.

Simon Nicholson
Snr. Market Strategist
XML Technology Centre
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Tel:    +1 (650) 786 4238
Fax:    +1 (650) 786 5723
Email: simonn@eng.sun.com

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