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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: 1/9/01 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carol Geyer, Michael Weiner, Ed Julson, Bill Cox, Albert
Marucci, Alan Kotok, Phillippe deSmedt, Mark Hale, Linda Austin, Steve Yung

1) POC Update - Mark Hale provided an outline of upcoming POC plans. The
POC Team will be using Vancouver as a face-to-face meeting and is not
planning any formal demo there.  They are currently soliciting proposals
for end-to-end scenarios to be demonstrated at the meeting taking place
from April 2-6.  They plan to have a subset of this demo ready for the
London Trade Show.

2) London Update - Carol Geyer reported that things are on track for three
days of events and all speakers are lined up.  We currently are looking for
some resource to help with the logistics of this event.  Also, we still
need to review our pod strategy.

3) White Paper Update - Ed Julson reported that the Overview paper is done
and will be posted shortly.  The Messaging Spec paper has gone thru a
couple of drafts and he is hoping to have it thru QR by Vancouver.

4) Logo Update - Carol reported that the OASIS resource is still available
and she will have an update next week.

5) Vancouver - Carol is drafting a press release to highlight the Messaging
Spec approval and the increasing membership.

6) A. Alan Kotok reported that Rik Drummond and Rachel Forrester will be
presenting ebXML at the DISA Conference in early March.  A demo will be
shown as well.

B.  Alan also mentioned that he will be presenting ebXML to the Nat'l Assoc
of Convenience Stores at the end of this month.  Ed Julson is sending him
the latest presentation.

C. Carol Geyer reported that we have an oppt'y to have 1, 2, or 3 days of
activities at XML Europe in Berlin at the end of May.

D. Rik Drummond is sponsoring the Retail Systems Conference track for ebXML

E. We need to talk about our strategy/resource for trade shows/events at
the Vancouver meeting.



IBM Corporation - mweiner@us.ibm.com

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