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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: 1/23/01 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carol Geyer, Mark Hale, Leilani Smith, Steve Yung, Michael

1) Trade Show Update - We need to get back to the London show organizers
 with a list of our AV requirements and attendees for the POC demo.
They also have reserved 13 pods on the show floor for an ebXML pavilion.
AI: Mark Hale will draft the AV requirements.
AI: Carol and Mike will draft a call for exhibitors at the London and NY

2) POC Update:
Proposals are due to Mark by midnight Pacific time 1/26/01.

3) Logo Update:
Carol has a cleaned up version of the ebXML logo.
AI: Michael will notify Carol of the format we need it in for signage.

4) Vancouver Plans
Carol will work on a draft press release for London
The POC Team would like to meet with us on Thursday 2/ 15/01 from 1-2pm
We should discuss plans for the Tokyo video.
We also need to determine our strategy for trade show opportunities and
Implementation Support team post May.  We need to get direction from the
ExecCom pending the decision of the exit strategy.

IBM Corporation - mweiner@us.ibm.com

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