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Subject: [XML One London] Marketing events update

Just an update on the upcoming marketing events:

- XML One London will be March 19-22.  There will be
  three events

	1.  Press Conference w/POC demonstration
	2.  Plenary w/POC demonstration
      3.  Session w/Vendor demonstrations (vendors
          should be thinking about ebXML-specific
          small scale demonstrations.  A call
          for proposals will go out early February)

- We are asked to commit to XML DevCon, New York,
  April 8-11.  This will be discussed on the 
  next XML One London telecon.  The format will
  be similar to XML One London.

- There is no New York event on March 26-30.  I had
  this in my original calendar as a placeholder.
  Please check your dates here.  This was a rumored
  event that I added to the list for completeness 
  and is confirmed now not to happen.

- The marketing event activities will be split from the POC 
  threads once the proposals come in on 1/26. More details
  to follow.



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