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Subject: RE: Definition of business process

Jacque Littre wrote:
>You will find in the ? below my interpretation of what is usually meant by "Business >Process" and business modeling as understood in
>business analysis activities (an activity part of software engineering in general). 
>Business modeling is one of the most important activity of Business Analysis.
>The reason to go through business modelling is usually for business
>reengineering or business improvement. 

Yes, that is the context that I usually associate with business process
modeling: analyzing the internal processes of an existing business
to improve it, usually by eliminating non-value-adding activities.

It is a very different context from (my understanding of) ebXML,
which is concerned with the external relations among many
businesses.  That is why I think of economic exchanges
first when I think of ebXML.  

I don't doubt that Christian Huemer is correct when he
states that internal processes will need to be considered,
but I certainly wouldn't start there.

That is my personal view, of course - I'm still trying to learn 
what the ebXML consensus view is.  In that light, Jacques,
you wrote a good definition of business process modeling,
but is that what you think ebXML should do?

>Some good references in this area are the "Catalysis" method 
>by Desmond d'Souza and Alan Wills 

Yes, Catalysis is excellent.  Maybe more complex than is
needed for ebXML?

Thanks for your feedback,
Bob Haugen

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