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Subject: RE: Revised business process model

Hi Karsten,

Thanks very much for sending this.

I do request however, that large attachments are not
sent with emails any more.

There are several alternatives I might suggest,
including the free storage spaces on the web such

www.netdrive.com (my favorite)

You might also consider www.e-groups.com but the
web sites above are the easiest and fastest to get
going.  You can establish a free account for your
project and then have a public and private login

This would enable you to send announcements and
links but not big attachments.

Thanks and take care,

David Connelly
President and CEO
Open Applications Group

-----Original Message-----
From: Karsten Riemer [mailto:Karsten.Riemer@East.Sun.COM]
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2000 4:52 PM
To: ebxml-BP@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: Revised business process model

In the meeting in Minneapolis we decide to make two significant changes to
business process metamodel. The first is a simplification of the layers in
process part of the model. The other is an adoption of the Core components
part of the model instead of the earlier 'place-holder' classes in the
informatio part of the model. I attach two zip files. One contains the .mdl
file, the other contains .jpg versions for easier perusal. The jpg is of
class diagram and of the travel example "instance" diagrams.
In Mondays meeting we can discuss which of the received comments have been
addressed  by these changes,


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