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Subject: Re: Alignment Group Call INfo and Minutes

BP-CC Alignment Group Members,

Our next conference call is Wednesday, August 2nd 12:00-1:30p.m. US EDT.
To join the conference call, please dial +1 732 336-6000 or 888 699-0348
followed by a PIN of
4963#. Below you will find the minutes of our conference call July

Best regards,

BP-CC Alignment Group Minutes:

Mary K. Blantz
Marcia L. McLure
Antoine Lonjon
Bob Haugen
Bill McCarthy
Brian Hayes
Karsten Riemer
Lisa Shreve
Martin Bryan
Paul Levine
Scott Hinkelman
Sharon Kadlec
Sue Probert
Tim McGraw

The conference call began with an update by Karsten on the BP PT Interim and
TMWG Meetings in Minneapolis. The meeting was a productive session and
helped to clarify the metamodel work underway in the BP PT. Based on the
subgroup meeting in Minneapolis, the: Business Process and Rules subgroup
was simplified and the CC metamodel will be linked to the BP metamodel at
the BusinessService Interface. Bob reported that that the Resources and
Contracts subgroup of the BP metamodel was merged with Edifecs' metamodel
for business collaboration at the TMWG meeting, suggesting that this could
result in further changes to the BP portion of the ebXML metamodel.
Action: Bob will send this merged metamodel to Karsten.

The Alignment Group reviewed the action items generated during our last
conference call and received an update on the progress of each. Action Item
Good progress on the AIAG example.
Little progress on Travel and Leisure: Sharon will get a start so she and
Scott can develop it further in San Jose
International Transport: Tim offered to help Sue.
Marcia will initiate work on the Payments Example in San Jose

The following additional discussion and action items were gererated during
the July 25th Call:

It was decided that due to the joint effort underway with the BP-CC
ALignment Team members, that the Alignment Group would need a  joint team
meeting room for use all week in San Jose.
Action:Marcia  will check with Klaus to secure a room.

Karsten's document on "Introduction to the ebXML Metamodel" was discussed.
Action: It was agreed that Karsten will send the document to the full
Alignment Group.

Update: Bob is working on a "bottom-up" down-sized example from the AIAG
that will show
how that work relates to common business objects that relates to the ebXML
metamodel that relates to TMWG's UMM.

Following a discussion on common business objects and core components, the
Group determined that a clear description of the similarities and
differences between the two must be provided for clarificaiton to the ebXML
Action: Karsten and Lisa volunteered to draft a paper showing how core
components relate to common
business objects, as requested by the ebXML steering comittee.

Sue suggested that a simple example is also needed in the paper.  Sharon
suggested an ebXML glossary should be started for terms used in the paper.

Lisa stated that the CC PT will define a library of core components, specify
methodology for determining core components, and develop a supporting data
dictionary.  She stated that core components are syntax neutral and thus can
applied to different data protocols, e.g., EDI as well as XML.

The Alignment Group agreed that a single example is needed to illustrate
alignment, independent of the
Action: Lisa will provide a subset of the AIAG example.  Bob will work from
the same example as stated above.  This example will be reviewed by the
Alignment Group and be ready for presentation by Aug. 7th.

The Alignment Group has set the goal to create a joint BP, CC, and TR&P
combined Demonstration to be developed at the San Jose meeting based on this

Paul reported on the StC conference call.  Based on the minutes of that
call, "Input should be sent via the Steering Committee Listserv to provide
Dick Raman with any suggested/ enhancements. He will coordinate and
incorporate the recommendations into the presentation. Presentation to be
made available to StC before the next conference call (2 August)"  This was
not Tim's understanding in discussing the presentation with Dick Raman.
Action: Tim will clarify this with Dick and let us know the outcome.

Agenda For the Next Conference Call:
>Update on the Status of the Action Items.
>Determine Next Steps in Alignment Group Activities to prepare for the
August Meeting

Best regards,

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