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Subject: Draft Technical Architecture

Business Process and Core Components Project Teams

As a reminder,there will be a joint call of the BP and CC Project Teams on
Monday 04 Dec. at 12:00 p.m. US EST.  To access the call, dial 888-699-0348
domestically and  +1 732-336-6000 internationally, with  a PIN of 9267#.  As
stated previsouly, this call will primarily deal with project planning and
deliverables.  However, Melanie McCarthy forwarded a subset of the current TA
document (attached).  She has agreed that it be forwarded to the BP/CC PTs for
review and comment.  The 04 Dec. call provides a good opportunity to discuss
this draft prior to the interim meeting of the Metamodel group that will take
place in Boston  on 6-8 Dec.  Besides completing the metamodel work for BP, TP
and security, one of the objectives of that meeting will be to incorporate
architectural aspects of that work into Section 9 of the TA Spec.  Taking that
into account as well as comments on the 04 Dec. call (or by email), we intend to
distribute another draft of Section 9 on 08 Dec. for discussion on the 11 Dec.
BP/CC conference call.

Best regards,

Paul Levine
BP PT Co-lead
(See attached file: ebXML Architecture Components_TPP_BP_TRP.doc)
---------------------- Forwarded by Paul R. Levine/Telcordia on 12/01/2000 10:28
AM ---------------------------

melanie.mccarthy@gm.com on 11/30/2000 11:54:04 AM

To:   "Paul R. Levine" <plevine@telcordia.com>
cc:   srh@us.ibm.com, "Clark, Jim" <jdc-icot@lcc.net>, "Riemer, Karsten"
      <Karsten.Riemer@East.Sun.COM> (bcc: Paul R. Levine/Telcordia)
Subject:  Draft Technical Architecture


Attached is a subset of the current TA document.  As you may be aware Section 9
is now being reformatted to focus on the relationship between the various
Technical Specification Project Teams to insure that we document the
requirements and the interfaces necessary to align the various technical
specification requirements.  Each of the areas will be written in a repeatable
format as follows:

     Interfaces (with the other Project Teams)
     non-normative (this is not required, but is a placeholder - today there is
     a lot of 'nice to know' things that would be moved to this area)

I understand that there will be a meeting in Boston in early December.  If you
could review the attachment and provide additional insight, it would be

Best Regards,


(See attached file: ebXML Architecture Components_TPP_BP_TRP.doc)

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Mac Word 3.0

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