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Subject: Agenda for metamodel face-to-face


Here are the objectives and agenda for the BP/CC metamodel meeting in Boston
next week. Again, what we are driving towards is a specification metamodel
that can be part of the  infrastructure release in support of the TP

Objectives for end of meeting:

    1. Have an agreed UML class diagram for the specification view of the
    2. Have an agreed DTD for the equivalent of a TPAml Action Menu.
    3. Have production rules to get from the UML in 1. above to XML compliant
with DTD in 
       2. above.
    4. Have an agreed CPA DTD with clear linkage to the DTD in 2. above
    5. Have an agreed list of business related security parameters, and clear
ownership of         
       each parameter (BP, TP, or both)
    6. Have a draft section for TA group that describes 1-4 above and relation
to analysis
    7. Have a draft section for TA group that describes relationship between
       transactions and business collaborations (Bob's outline of separate
software tiers)
    8. Have a draft section for TA group that describes security parameters

Agenda: (Synchronization calls are to touch base with key people who may not
be physically present)

    Wednesday 8:30-12
       Review of objectives
       Review of current status
       Work on specification UML

    Wednesday noon
       Possible synchronization call

    Wednesday 1-5:30
       Finalization of specification UML
       Work on specification DTD
       Prepare security parameters (start with what Tony sent out)

    Thursday 8:30-12
       Present security parameters to security team
       Finalize specification DTD
       Work on production rules
    Thursday noon
       Possible synchronization call

    Thursday 1-5:30
       Validation by example
       Prepare for presentation to TP team
       Work on TA sections

    Friday 8:30-12
       Present to TP team + Discussions
    Friday noon
       Possible synchronization call

    Friday 1-3

       Wrap-up, Final agreement, Action Items, time schedule for submission to

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