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Subject: Metamodel meeting 05 Dec. (Fwd)

Don't remember if I have sent this out already.

The weekly BP/CC metamodel meeting is scheduled for 05 Dec. at
9 am PST, 12 pm EST.

To access the call, dial 888-699-0348 domestically and +1 732-336-6000
internationally, with  a PIN of 9267#.

The agenda for the meeting is to get ready for the face-to-face.
I would like to set some ground-rules for the face-to-face:

We must satisfy TP needs
Goal is to replace TPAml's action menu
We must preserve Commercial Transaction functionality
We must enable RosettaNet PIP's
We get agreement on Commercial Transaction first, then we address
choreography. We get agreement on two-party first, then time permitting we
work in the multi-party. We need the starting point .mdl's in advance
The UML model must be stand-alone
The UML model and .dtd must be "isomorphic"
The XML will be as direct a mapping as possible, not XMI
XMI will be supported 'automatically' by tool capability to import/export XMI.

Let's discuss these rules tomorrow, so we can get straight to work at the


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