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Subject: RE: security and timing parameters

Karsten and all,

Is this a test to see if we are paying attention?
(Note:  this is the only parameter assignment I have payed
attention to so far.)

    NOTE: I am not putting timeToAcknowledgeReceipt and
    into RequestingBusinessActivity even though they were in the
    BusinessActivity superclass. They are only relevant to the responding activity. 
    I actually think TimeToPerform is not relevent to the requestor either, but leaving 
    it here for now.

My reading of the spec indicates that both Responding and
Requesting BusinessActivities use those parameters in
different ways.  The transaction is a unit of work from the
viewpoint of the Requesting activity; therefore, if the time
parameters are exceeded (that is, the required ack or
document does not arrive by the appointed time), the
Requesting activity can abort the transaction.

From the description of TimeToAcknowlegeReceipt:
"A sending partner must retry a commercial transaction if necessary 
or must send notification of failed business control (possibly revoking 
a contractual offer) if a responding partner does not verify properly 
receipt of a business document request within the agreed time period.  
The time to acknowledge receipt is the duration from the time a business 
document request is sent by a requesting partner until the time a 
verification of receipt is "properly received" by the requesting business 
partner. This verification of receipt is an audit-able business signal and 
is instrumental in contractual obligation transfer during a contract 
formation process (e.g. offer/accept)."

-Bob Haugen

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