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Subject: RE: initial draft of CPP-CPA Specification

David Russell:
>There seems to be agreement that the BSI performs a dual role,
>both choreographer of the business process, as much a master of
>business semantics as process workflow, and quite seperately being
>in charge of isolating the actual Legacy world from the ebXML
>infrastructure, if I may borrow words from an earlier conversation.

>It seems to me that a single framework intended to satisfy the requirements
>of both roles may be problematic as the complexities (brought about by the
>myriad of permutations of input/output triggers) involved in the latter role
>(the interface to legacy) seems to be significantly greater.

I agree with you as to logical software protocol stack layers.
From the "bottom", they could be:
  Message Handler
  Transaction Manager
  Collaboration Manager
  Internal business app

However, to do electronic business in any practical sense
will require an integration of all of those layers, which is I
think what Stefano intends in his BSI proposal.

-Bob Haugen

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