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Subject: RE: initial draft of CPP-CPA Specification

<Chris Ferris>
Please forward to BP since I cannot post to that list.

I would think that the order should be:

>   Transport
>   Message Handler
>   Collaboration Manager
>   Transaction Manager
>   Adapter
>   Internal business app

The "Transaction manager" is only invoked if it has been
sanctioned/vetted by the Collaboration Manager.
The "Transaction Manager" invokes the appropriate
Adapter for the internal business application
and would be responsible for the response
(if any) and any signals that are required.

BTW, you left out Network as the top (or bottom)
of the stack;-)
</Chris Ferris>

Yeah, I know, I left the network out.  Probably some other
things.  Jim Clark and Scott Hinkelman may have better
stacks than mine, too.

But the "Transaction Manager" I meant manages 
ebXML Business Transactions, which are request-response
interactions inside Business Collaborations, thus my
putting them below (or inside) the Collaboration Manager.
I could see where "Transaction Manager" from the 
*real* business perspective would go where you put it.

Lots of fun.  Would be good to settle on a stack.  
I don't insist on my formulation...

-Bob Haugen

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