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ebxml-bp message

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Subject: QRT and BP

Dear Paul and Co

I read in the ebXML BP minutes
"QRT Response.  In the absence of an official QRT response on the BP
Specification Schema and reference documents, Paul Levine read an email
message from Stuart Campbell of the QRT that appeared to be indicative of a
pervasive issue that would be forthcoming from the QRT."

Just to be very clear: the issue i raised on the exploder is a personal
point and not formally from QRT.  I mentioned QRT simply to say where i was
getting the information from.  However, as you point out, it is true to say
we did discuss this issue (worksheet-bp map) in QRT.  Tim will/has
circulated the the formal QRT report himself.

Bottom line is that any comment on public exploders from myself (and i think
same applies to other QRT members) are personal comments which may/or may
not be the same as QRT comments

I did receive an answer from Brian but still need to digest - so thanks for

I hope this clarifies


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