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Subject: Notification of failure semantics

In today's BPSS conference call, we discussed the reasons
for notifications of failure, that is, the notification sent when 
a responding activity thinks a transaction will succeed and the 
requesting party has reasons to determine that the transaction
should fail.

We only listed time out as the only reason.  After the call, I went 
back to UMM, which says there are other reasons:

"Notification of failure shall only be initiated when a terminating transaction does not
leave both parties with a mutual agreement as to the state of a business transaction.
This condition exists when:
1. The initiating partner's business activity times-out when waiting for a specified
response to its requesting business document.
2. The responding business document is erroneous, not authorized or not digitally
signed as agreed to in a Trading Partner Agreement."

-Bob Haugen

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