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Subject: summary of BPSS issues

Due to the very condensed review and edit schedule we are starting address the
issues raised during public review already, even though the review cycle has
not closed yet. Neal smith has take a first pass through the issues and
addressed issues as marked in the attached issues list. I have grouped the
remaining issues as follows: (Please see the issues document for full wording,
the below wordings are just "mnemonic paraphrases") I will address the
UMM-related issues separately. Could I persuade Cory to address the
DocumentModel and UML related issues? Could I persuade Kurt to address the
UML-to-XML related, XML-datatyping, and Sample Doc. related issues? We have
meetings scheduled Tuesday 11 am EST, and Thursday 11 am EST to discuss
resolution of these issues.

Issues Summary


#6   If SpecSchema covers requirements then why UMM (and vice versa)?
#8   Are models produced against BPSS different from those against UMM
#89  Must ensure that BPSS and UMM produce identical models
#97  BPSS cannot specify business processes
#115 ditto
#117 ditto

#81  BPSS is a view of UMM metamodel
#119 BPSS should be a strict subset of UMM metamodel
#118 UMM metamodel is not a methodology

#2   Why isn't REA part of BPSS?

#37  Are UMM patterns part of ebXML spec?
#37  How do UMM patterns relate to BP catalog, and simple negotiation

Document Model related:
#63/71 Need version attribute on Schema element
#70    Attachment s/b listed as parent of DocType, 
#70    DocType s/b listed as child of Schema and DocumentFlow
#72    Should Package be parent of Schema?
#79/80/92/94 Add phrase about Business Information Objects
#95    Add sentence about top down analysis and requirements gathering
#102/103/114 Change name of DocumentType to BusinessDocument
#102/103/114 Relate to UMM Business Document Model 
#102/103/114 Relate to context
#86    Should BusinessDocument be shown as integral part of BPSS on diagram?
#87    Distinguish between structured and unstructured as in UMM?


#115 Clarify production rules - for4 use against Metamodel or Instance?
#85  Need clearer purpose statement for production rules
#21  Why store XML?
??? Who will provide production rules from UMM to BPSS?
#20  Specification rules vs. production rules

Relation to other specs:

#27  CPA requires ebXML BP?
#28  ditto
#33  BP requires ebXML CPA?

Transaction Semantics:

#12  s/b more than two activities in a TRX
#116 what if no request activity?
#120 Must comply with ABA and UN/ECE
    Five sub-issues
#121 Should specify transaction compliance vs. collaboration comliance
#124 BusinessTransaction and DocumentFlow should be subtypes of

XML data typing:

#64  Pattern s/b uriReference not CDATA
#66/67/68 timeTo.... s/b duration not CDATA
#76  Use ID or IDREF throughout so can be parser validated
#77  Dateformat

Sample Document:

#73  Inconsistent with DTD
??? Would like to use example from BPAnalysis team


#109  TerminalState s/b CompletionState?

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