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Subject: Re: summary of BPSS issues

I had left out a group of issues around signals, legal binding, and security

They are:

Signal Related:

#50/122 Intention to align with RosettaNet
#55 Need clearer description of business signals
#58 Need to align "isSynchronized" with TP and TRP "signalsOnly",
"responseOnly",... #75 Need to align acknowledgement signals with Message
Service Spec signals #75 Need to align error element
#75 Need to align exception element

Legal/Security related:

#31 Could we rename "isLegallyBinding" to "isCommerciallyBinding"?
#42 Is description of nonrepudiation correct?
#57 Should we provide three values for each of the security related

I am copying the RosettaNet architects, since these issues are partially 
RosettaNet related.
Could I get John Yunkers to work with the RosettaNet architects to resolve the
signal related issues?

Could I get Jamie Clark to address the Legal/Security related issues?

Also I had left off the attachement with the issues list, here it is. Please
refer to it for full wording of each issue.


>Due to the very condensed review and edit schedule we are starting address
>issues raised during public review already, even though the review cycle has
>not closed yet. Neal smith has take a first pass through the issues and
>addressed issues as marked in the attached issues list. I have grouped the
>remaining issues as follows: (Please see the issues document for full
>the below wordings are just "mnemonic paraphrases") I will address the
>UMM-related issues separately. Could I persuade Cory to address the
>DocumentModel and UML related issues? Could I persuade Kurt to address the
>UML-to-XML related, XML-datatyping, and Sample Doc. related issues? We have
>meetings scheduled Tuesday 11 am EST, and Thursday 11 am EST to discuss
>resolution of these issues.
>Issues Summary
>#6   If SpecSchema covers requirements then why UMM (and vice versa)?
>#8   Are models produced against BPSS different from those against UMM
>#89  Must ensure that BPSS and UMM produce identical models
>#97  BPSS cannot specify business processes
>#115 ditto
>#117 ditto
>#81  BPSS is a view of UMM metamodel
>#119 BPSS should be a strict subset of UMM metamodel
>#118 UMM metamodel is not a methodology
>#2   Why isn't REA part of BPSS?
>#37  Are UMM patterns part of ebXML spec?
>#37  How do UMM patterns relate to BP catalog, and simple negotiation
>Document Model related:
>#63/71 Need version attribute on Schema element
>#70    Attachment s/b listed as parent of DocType, 
>#70    DocType s/b listed as child of Schema and DocumentFlow
>#72    Should Package be parent of Schema?
>#79/80/92/94 Add phrase about Business Information Objects
>#95    Add sentence about top down analysis and requirements gathering
>#102/103/114 Change name of DocumentType to BusinessDocument
>#102/103/114 Relate to UMM Business Document Model 
>#102/103/114 Relate to context
>#86    Should BusinessDocument be shown as integral part of BPSS on diagram?
>#87    Distinguish between structured and unstructured as in UMM?
>UML to XML:
>#115 Clarify production rules - for4 use against Metamodel or Instance?
>#85  Need clearer purpose statement for production rules
>#21  Why store XML?
>??? Who will provide production rules from UMM to BPSS?
>#20  Specification rules vs. production rules
>Relation to other specs:
>#27  CPA requires ebXML BP?
>#28  ditto
>#33  BP requires ebXML CPA?
>Transaction Semantics:
>#12  s/b more than two activities in a TRX
>#116 what if no request activity?
>#120 Must comply with ABA and UN/ECE
>    Five sub-issues
>#121 Should specify transaction compliance vs. collaboration comliance
>#124 BusinessTransaction and DocumentFlow should be subtypes of
>XML data typing:
>#64  Pattern s/b uriReference not CDATA
>#66/67/68 timeTo.... s/b duration not CDATA
>#76  Use ID or IDREF throughout so can be parser validated
>#77  Dateformat
>Sample Document:
>#73  Inconsistent with DTD
>??? Would like to use example from BPAnalysis team
>#109  TerminalState s/b CompletionState?
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