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Subject: Re: BP Specshema vs. Context model

My comments on BPSS issues 102 and 114 suggest the BPSS go part way on this
and include the detail under Business Document as shown in the UMM
metamodel. Then there should be a clear handoff to the CC part of the
metamodel that clearly shows the relationships to Business Information
Objects and Core Components as extended by context, based on the ebXML
Specification for the Role of Context in the Re-usability of Core
Components in Business Processes.


Paul Levine

                    Karsten Riemer -                                                                             
                    Sun IR Development         To:     ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org, ebxml-bp@lists.ebxml.org      
                    <Karsten.Riemer@eas        cc:     (bcc: Paul R. Levine/Telcordia)                           
                    t.sun.com>                 Subject:     BP Specshema vs. Context model                       
                    04/16/01 02:07 PM                                                                            
                    Please respond to                                                                            
                    Karsten Riemer -                                                                             
                    Sun IR Development                                                                           

I brought this issue up in today's joint BP/CC meeting:

At Vancouver the BP metamodel team met with the Context Model team and
metamodels. We decided that since the Context Model team was preparing a
metamodel for context driven Documents, the BP metamodel team would remove
part of our specification schema that dealt with document model, and simply
refer to the CC metamodel for context driven Documents.

The CC metamodel for context driven Documents is shown as a UML class
diagram at
lines 156/157 in:



(the spec status page off ebXML.org lists a version 1.02 of what looks like
same document, but no such document is available for review yet)

The questions now are:

1. Is the above document or a subsequent version of same still slated for
approval in Vienna, and if so does it still contain the mentioned UML class
2. If not, then what should we do about a document model in BP specSchema.
3. If yes, who is responsible for aligning this model with the information
imbedded in UMM?

Can someone please provide the answers or point me to the right person(s)
so I
can get the answers. This is critical to showing a complete picture of how
specifications work together.


Karsten Riemer,
b2b Architect
XML Technology Center
Sun Microsystems Inc.,
MailStop UBUR02-201
1 Network Drive,
Burlington, MA 01803-0903

ph. 781-442-2679
fax 781-442-1437
e-mail karsten.riemer@sun.com

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